Vacuum furnace structure

Gehang vacuum SIMUWU products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, construction machinery, rail transit, shipping, chemical machinery, mechanical basic parts and other industries. Products are exported to the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

Heat treatment equipment manufacturing, vacuum furnace after-sales service, vacuum furnace consulting services as a whole, to provide a professional system of heat treatment and surface modification solutions, create value for customers for the purpose of the product line involves vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum induction furnace and other products. In addition to standard equipment, with strong engineering capabilities, Gehang can also provide customers with non-standard customized equipment. The wide product line and all-round service from design to after-sales make Gehang Vacuum a one-stop solution for customers.