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Clear crowds with the pump action Assault Shotgun, blast through enemies and walls with the Rocket Propelled Grenade, splat enemies under foot after blasting them with the Shrinker, cut through trouble with the 3-barel Ripper machine gun, set DukeMatch traps with the wall-mounted Laser Mine, watch enemies shatter after cooling them off with the...<<more>>

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What to Watch Now on Prime Video. More Reports All Movies > In Theaters Coming Soon New to DVD & Streaming Best of Netflix Best of Amazon Best Movies of All Time Browse Movies by Genre Games All Movies > In Theaters Coming Soon New to DVD & Streaming Best of Netflix Best of Amazon Best Movies of All Time Browse Movies by...<<more>>

Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps & Centrifugal Water Pumps

Single stage centrifugal pumps are the most common pump for fluid transfer in high flow rate, low pressure installations. If a lower flow rate or a higher pressure is needed over what a single stage centrifugal pump can provide, a multistage centrifugal pump is a better suited alternative....<<more>>

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The HZB-HTF is a horizontal, radially split, single stage, double suction centerline mounted pump. The HZB-HTF are ideal for use in thermal oil applications for handling clean hot and hazardous liquids....<<more>>

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Centrifugal pumps with an internal suction stage such as water jet pumps or side channel pumps are also classified as self-priming pumps. Centrifugal pumps which are not designed with an internal or external self-priming stage can only start to pump the fluid after the pump has initially been primed with the fluid....<<more>>

Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps| Pump Manufacturer EDUR

Single stage centrifugal pumps EDUR single stage centrifugal pumps are a well-established pump type for economical, reliable and long-lasting operation. All-purpose single-stage circulation pumps in compact design for the use in water supply, cooling and refrigeration technology, air-conditioning, filtration, shipbuilding, apparatus engineering...<<more>>

AHLSTAR end suction single stage centrifugal pumps - Sulzer

AHLSTAR end suction single stage centrifugal pumps The AHLSTAR range, comprised of the A, N, W and E ranges, has been designed in accordance with ISO 5199the pump Corrosion pH from 0 to 14 Clean and slightly contaminated liquids Viscous liquids Fibrous slurries Non-fibrous slurries...<<more>>

Single Stage Centrifugal Pump, Single Suction Water Pump

Single stage single suction centrifugal pump includes EN 733/DIN 24255 standard, ISO2558 standard, no standard bare shaft end suction pump, monoblock pump and inline pump. They are suitable for pumping clean water or liquids which chemical and physical property is similar to water....