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Blood-sampling systems - WHO Guidelines on Drawing Blood ...

Blood collection for transfusion requires a larger gauge than is used for blood drawing ... The use of vacuum extraction tube systems as closed systems for blood......<<more>>

Vacuum Blood Collection

The vacuum blood collection system consists of a double-pointed needle, a plastic ... The blood goes directly from the patient vein into the appropriate test tube. .... Large veins that are not well anchored in tissue frequently roll, so if you choose one, ... Don't overdue it because over-pumping can create hemoconcentration....<<more>>

Blood Collection Tubes - Kalstein France

Vacuum blood collection tubes for single use is used for collecting and storing blood specimen.They include whole blood tube, plasma tube, serum tube and......<<more>>

Vacuum blood collection tubes|SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD

A lineup of disposable clinical examination materials are available such as mainly plastic vacuum blood collection tubes that make full use of plastic molding......<<more>>

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Evacuated blood collection tubes differ in outer dimensions (cylinder with ... Years ago, we simply used a vacuum pump to evacuate tubes that had lost their......