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Piston Vacuum Pump


Main USES: Slide valve pumps are widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum sintering, molecular distillation and aeronautical simulation tests.

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Sliding valve vacuum pump is a kind of oil-sealed variable displacement mechanical pump. It is an ideal vacuum acquisition equipment for pumping out gases from specific sealed containers. It can directly obtain a vacuum below 1 Pa. It can also be used as the front pump of other vacuum acquisition equipment to obtain a higher vacuum. Because the pump keeps a non-contact rolling motion between the sliding valve and the pump chamber during the working process, it has the characteristics of dirt resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. The bearing of the pump is lubricated with grease and separated from the pump oil, so it can be used to extract gas containing a small amount of dust. At present, the pump has been widely used in metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, semiconductor, petroleum, food and atomic energy fields.
Note: The pump is made of ferrous metal and belongs to a more sophisticated equipment. Its main parts are immersed in vacuum pump oil, so it is not suitable for pumping poisonous, explosive, chemical and corrosive gases to the pump oil, nor for pumping gases from one container to another. When removing the gas containing a large amount of dust, dust removal devices should be installed.
Design features
Vertical structure, compact structure; small area;
Belt pulley counterweight, smooth operation;

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Model Ultimate pressure Pumping speed Inlet diam Outlet diam Motor power Cooling water consumption weight
Pa Torr L/s mm mm kw kg/h kg
2H-15 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 15 50 40 2.2 Air-cooling 175
2H-30 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 30 63 50 4 100 380
2H-70 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 70 80 50 7.5 150 710
2H-120 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 120 100 80 15 200 960
2H-150 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 150 100 80 15 200 1020