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The total graphite electrode height from electrode tip to electrode top is 1.0 m in all the simulations, with an electrical resistivity of 1.00?10 -5 Ω?m, as measured in [11]....<<more>>

Numerical modelling of melt circulation in industrial-size

This leads to various zones in the furnace, and different reduction mechanisms. Control of the furnace is thus often difficult due to the complicated physical and chemical situations in the ...<<more>>

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Indeed, the electrodes used in many electrical metallurgical furnaces, including the electric arc furnaces used in steel processing, are manufactured from this type of graphite....<<more>>

Can anyone give me full details about graphite electrodes

Graphite electrodes are used in electric arc furnace (EAF) and ladle furnace (LF) for steel production, ferroalloy production, silicon metal production and smelting processes. The tip of these electrodes can reach up to 3000oC, which is approximately half the temperature of the sun. In addition to excellent mechanical strength, thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance and machinability, the ...<<more>>

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1, graphite materials can be used as refractory: graphite and its products have high temperature, high-strength properties, in the metallurgical industry is mainly used to make graphite crucible, in steelmaking commonly used graphite as a steel ingot protection agent, metallurgical furnace lining....<<more>>

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Specifications Graphite electrode 1. high quality and reasonable price 2. various of size:4TPI,3TPI, long nipple 3. quick delivery time Graphite electrode Graphite Electrode is mainly usde for steel-making in electric furnace, mineral hot furnace...<<more>>

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Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs) are a central part of the production route that is an alternative to the dominant BF-BOF route. EAFs are used to produce carbon steels and alloy steels primarily by recycling ferrous scrap....<<more>>

Arc characteristics in small-scale DC plasma arc furnaces

The smaller size, lower power, and thermal mass of the furnace shown in Fig. la allowed experiments to be carried out easily and rapidly, typically preheating and smelting 10 kg batches of feed in under 4 h, whereas...<<more>>

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The DC arc furnace uses a graphite electrode in an open-bath configuration, enabling the furnace to be switched off at short notice and on again, several hours later, without electrode breakages. DC arc smelting furnaces ranging in size from 10 MW to 60 MW are in operation for ferroalloy production, with detailed designs completed for DC furnaces with capacities of 70 MW and higher...<<more>>

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A metal recycler’ and small prospector’s favorite, the QM Deluxe offers a universal insert top so that users can use 4 different size crucibles interchangeably with the same unit....<<more>>

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November 23, 2018, 566 links Q ÷ Z QINGDAO DURATIGHT GRAPHITE CO., LTD., CHINA - manufacturer of carbon additive for metal casting, smelting and friction, graphite electrodes for different furnaces, large size, fine grain and high purity graphite materials, crucibles, moulds....<<more>>

Production and Characterization of Clay Bonded Carbon

The spent graphite electrode that was utilized was produced by grinding the graphite electrodes using a ball mil. The mixture of clay and spent graphite electrode was made using ball-mill for six hours using 40, 50, 60 and 70 weight percents of Ifon clay in each mix. Each mixture was uniaxially compressed into standard samples dimension and then fired in the furnace at varied temperatures of ...<<more>>

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25t HX-Electric Arc Furnace Features of the equipment: HX series three-phase steelmaking EAF has different power levels and structural types such as regular power and high power....<<more>>

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The electrode in the slag-resistance furnace is the central factor in the design and operation of the furnace by its role of conveying the smelting power. The obvious parameters are the size and ...<<more>>


different process routes from different projects with induction and electric arc furnace application are described. Keywords : Induction furnace, Electric arc furnace, steel quality, flexibility,...<<more>>

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High Power Graphite Electrodes (HP) Products Made In China, China Manufacturer. Our company is mainly engaged in Φ200mm-Φ600mm regular power, impregnated, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes and Φ900mm-Φ1300mm big size graphite electrodes and different type of carbon raiser and lithium battery anode material graphiting ...<<more>>

The degradation of LiCoO2/graphite batteries at different

The graphite electrode of fresh cell tested at 0.6C shows a clean and layered surface, and so does the sample tested at 1.2C. When the full cells decayed to the end of life at 0.6C and 1.2C, there are only some membraniform and dendritic substances growing on the surface of graphite electrodes rather than significant deposits. For the graphite electrode aged at high rates such as 1.8C, there ...<<more>>

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Metallurgical Furnaces. 46 Pages. Metallurgical Furnaces. Uploaded by. Andri Kabarubun. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Metallurgical Furnaces. Download. Metallurgical Furnaces. Uploaded by . Andri Kabarubun ...<<more>>

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Moreover, this High Power Graphite Electrode is available at competitive prices to the clients. Special Features: Provides high levels of electrical conductivity,Used in electric arc furnace for steel manufacturing,Contains no impurities,Stable chemical properties...<<more>>

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An electric arc furnace (EAF) is a furnace that heats charged material by means of an electric arc. Industrial arc furnaces range in size from small units of approximately one ton capacity (used in foundries for producing cast iron products) up to about 400 ton units used for secondary steelmaking....<<more>>


Electrode consumption, a high cost factor in steelmaking, can be controlled by reducing sidewall oxidation (a 25% reduction lowers consumption by about 12%), reduced furnace height, handling ...<<more>>

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Specifications Graphite electrode 1. high quality and reasonable price 2. various of size:4TPI,3TPI, long nipple 3. quick delivery time Graphite electrode Graphite Electrode is mainly usde for steel-making in electric furnace, mineral hot furnace...<<more>>


data of various furnaces of different size and mode of operation power factors for the furnace described in table 3 T. A. : "Graphite electrode consumption in electric arc furnaces". J. ...<<more>>

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NADCAP accredited custom manufacturer of EDM graphite electrodes. Capabilities include precision graphite machining and wire EDM. Products include graphite electrode blanks supplied in square, rectangular & round shapes & sizes. Material sizes available in .001 in. increments up to a full block size. Squares & rectangles can be saw cut or ...<<more>>

Computational analysis of a twin-electrode DC submerged

This is because the molten bath is larger in a bigger furnace and the cooling system is not as necessary as in a small one. In addition, the size of three graphite electrodes should be large enough to operate for a long period and endure the larger electric current. Download full-size image...<<more>>


electrode. Both the top electro...