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Spore FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by remanemporor - GameFAQs

Turquoise Value: 22,500 "Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum, with the chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O." [6.16.4] Rare Relics Moving on to the rare relics, the combined price is 670,000 or 6,700,000 for all....<<more>>

Scribblenauts FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by Mykas0 - GameFAQs

Put off the fire by using WATER (environment). Attach a ROPE to the Starite and pull it, across the hole, to your right. SOLUTION 2: Kill the lioness with GOD, put off the fire with a HOSE, attach two VINE together and use them to pull the Starite....<<more>>

Skydrol - Wikipedia

Skydrol is a fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid manufactured by Solutia (now part of Eastman Chemical Company), and formerly manufactured by Monsanto.There are various lines of Skydrol including Skydrol 500B-4, Skydrol LD-4, and Skydrol 5. Skydrol is made of a fire-resistant phosphate ester base stock, with a number of oil additives dissolved into it to inhibit corrosion and prevent...<<more>>

Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Fluid Condition-Monitoring

Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Fluid Condition-Monitoring Ken Brown, Utility Service Associates Tags: hydraulics. One of the most interesting synthetic base fluids is phosphate esters. It is the product of choice for the electrohydraulic control (EHC) system in steam turbines for electrical power generation....<<more>>

Phosphate Ester Fluids - Benefits and Limitations

Fire-Resistant Fluid Phosphate esters are the most fire resistant of the non-aqueous synthetic basestocks in common use.The use of phosphate ester-based products in hydraulic applications is still principally dictated by fire-risk considerations.These weaknesses limit the use of phosphate ester to specialized applications where a high...<<more>>

Eastman Skydrol

Skydrol? aviation hydraulic fluid is the most advanced aviation hydraulic fluid supported by recognized experts in phosphate-ester fluid technology. The Skydrol line of fire resistant hydraulic fluids includes Skydrol? 500B-4, Skydrol? LD-4, Skydrol? 5 and Skydrol? PE-5....<<more>>

Type IV Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

the fluid with minimum swell (for plastics and rubber) or loss of integrity. POOR RESISTANCE – Should not be used near the fluid. NO RESISTANCE – Disintegrates in the fluid. Materials Compatibility 7 III General Guidelines for Compatibility of Aviation Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Fluids with Various Materials*...<<more>>

Fire-Resistant Phosphate Ester Aviation Hydraulic Fluid

phosphate ester hydraulic fluids Applications Exxon HyJet V is designed for use in commercial aircraft phosphate ester hydraulic systems. It meets the SAE AS1241 requirements and is included in the Airbus/ATR NSA307110, Boeing BMS 3-11, Boeing-Long Beach 1 of 3...