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Rotary vane pump - Wikipedia

A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of vanes mounted to a rotor that rotates inside a cavity. In some cases these vanes can have variable length and/or be tensioned to maintain contact with the walls as the pump rotates....<<more>>

Rotary vane vacuum pump- Vacuum Pump - EVP Vacuum Solution!

Rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment to obtain vacuum. It can act independently. It can also be used as the pre-pump and pre-pump of various high vacuum systems to form Roots vane vacuum unit....<<more>>

Oil for oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump - VACUUBRAND

Rotary-vane Pump Oil B. This vacuum pump oil has excellent viscosity characteristics. Its good chemical resistance, low vapor pressure as well as its better stability when pumping oxidants such as acid and alkaline vapors, makes it superior compared to standard mineral oils. This oil is used for the first filling of RE / RZ / RC series pumps....<<more>>

Rotary vane pumps and chemistry-HYBRID vacuum pumps

Rotary vane pumps are used whenever it is necessary to have a process vacuum of up to 10-3 mbar. VACUUBRAND rotary vane pumps are high-performance, yet compact, and can be equipped with an extensive line of VACUUBRAND accessories....<<more>>

Rotary Vane Pumps | Pressure & Vacuum Vane Pump | Becker Pumps

Rotary vane pumps and all pressure and vacuum pump products available from Becker Pumps. Choose Becker for the best industrial rotary vane pump on the market....<<more>>

Rotary Vane Compressors and Vacuum Pumps - Gast

The vacuum and pressure flows are free of pulsation because the inlet and exhaust ports do not have valves, and the air is moved continuously rather than intermittently. gastmfg Gast Rotary Vane Compressors and Vacuum Pumps 3 Why use a Rotary Vane Pump? How Does a Rotary Vane Pump Work? Gast Rotary Vane and Vacuum Pumps Performance*...