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Ultra-High Vacuum Challenges. Vacuum chambers manufactured from stainless steel are widely used in high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum and even extreme high vacuum applications. However, there are other construction materials that may also have advantages [4] including aluminum, titanium, copper and specialized metals....<<more>>

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Balzers Pfeiffer TPU 110 Air Cooled Ultra-High Vacuum Turbo Molecular Pump Serial# PMP01119/B027. This vacuum pump has been tested and found to be in very good working condition. Pump Speed - 110 l/s....<<more>>

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4 Leybold Full Line Catalog 2018 - Ultra High Vacuum Pumps leybold TiTanTM Ion Pumps Ion pumps are used in a wide variety of high and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) envi-ronments . They can reach the lowest possible vacuum for an economical cost . In addition, ion pumps have some technical advantages over other tech-nologies: Advantage for the User...<<more>>

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Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) is the vacuum regime characterised by pressures lower than about 10 ?7 pascal or 100 nanopascals (10 ?9 m bar, ~10 ?9 torr).UHV conditions are created by pumping the gas out of a UHV chamber....<<more>>

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6 Hidden Efficiency Gains for Your Lab. Discover the Agilent Handheld Through-Barrier ID...<<more>>

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Vacuum Products Canada Inc. (VPC) is a privately owned company selling solutions, products and services for medium, high and ultra-high vacuum equipment for the industrial and scientific community in Canada. VPC also supply solutions for leak detection, gas analysis and processes....<<more>>

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Balzers Pfeiffer TPU 110 Air Cooled Ultra-High Vacuum Turbo Molecular Pump See more like this UHV DN50 ConFlat Ultra High Vacuum Stainless Steel Manual Gate Valve Pre-Owned...<<more>>

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High and Ultra High Vacuum Systems Overview zHigh Vacuum zConcerns zPumps zQuick Solutions zUltra High Vacuum zConcerns z Low Vac. High Vac. Ultra High Vac ...<<more>>

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Ultra High Vacuum STP Pumps. The STP magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps are the first choice for high-up time, hydrocarbon free pumping. The multi-axis magnetic bearing system is used to suspend the rotor during operation, ensuring there is no risk of contamination while minimizing vibration, noise and maintenance requirements....<<more>>

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High Vacuum Pump Systems These plug-and-play high vacuum pump systems are based on well-proven components. With its different configurations, individual vacuum demands can be covered....<<more>>

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Alibaba offers 82 ultra high vacuum pump products. About 62% of these are pumps, 7% are blower, and 6% are mixing equipment. A wide variety of ultra high vacuum pump options are available to you, such as screw pump, single-stage pump, and multistage pump....<<more>>

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All of our Ultra High Vacuum Chambers are leak tested and warranted. CF flange knife edges are guaranteed to be leak tight. We can modify our ultra high vacuum chambers to meet your needs. Our ultra high vacuum chambers can be used for vacuum test and analysis, sample storage, and other research applications....<<more>>

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The ultra high vacuum pump is used to basically pump gas towards the outside of the ultra high vacuum system. For example, moisture from various substances may be removed by exposing them in the vacuum chamber and letting the evaporated liquids be pumped out of the system....<<more>>

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Ultra-High Vacuum: < 10-9 mbar Whereas the dominant species in high vacuum is usually water, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) is almost 100% dry and Hydrogen is the most prevelant residual gas. Hydrogen is light and mobile and very difficult to pump, requiring specialised UHV pumps and reducing the gas load from the chamber walls is paramount....<<more>>

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Company Overview. HVA is the premier manufacturer and supplier of vacuum valves, high vacuum valves and ultra high vacuum valves to the world’s leading vacuum technology innovators....<<more>>

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Diffusion pumps were the first type of high-vacuum pumps, and they are referred to as gas-jet pumps. These gas-jet pumps work off of diffusion rather than conventional fluid dynamics. The gas cannot diffuse against the vapor stream and will be carried toward the exhaust, which in turn creates a vacuum....