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The impeller or impellers force the liquid into a rotary motion by impelling action, and the pump casing directs the liquid to the impeller at low pressure and leads it away under a higher pressure. Refer to the chapter on equipment, discussion of pumps....<<more>>


Delivered the first double case pump (the first made-in-japan double case pump; many pumps of this type were delivered for the power generation and energy industry thereafter) Delivered the first roots-type dry vacuum pump (started a business of the semiconductor equipment). Delivered the first internally circulating fluidized bed boiler (delivered many boilers for heat recovery and power ...<<more>>

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Description: Application The QCLB Mixed Flow Fan is a popular choice for many air supply, return, and exhaust air applications in the HVAC industry for both constant or variable air volume systems....<<more>>

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Potable water, which is generally obtained from municipal water systems, is needed for drinking and food preparation. Process water, which does not need to meet the standards set by the Public Health Service, is used in processing operations. It is often obtained from a well or unpolluted lake. Cooling water is the cheapest water available. Its source is usually a nearby river. The only ...<<more>>

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For example, most centrifugal pump manufacturers would provide an option of 3 different impellers with different flow versus head curves for the 3 impellers. If for operational flexibility reasons, an impeller is changed to have a higher differential head, then any pressure relief devices which were originally provided with a set pressure based on design pressure calculated based on shut-off ...<<more>>


The most common speed governor for centrifugal water-chilling system turbines is the oil pump type. In its direct-acting form, oil pressure, produced by a pump either directly mounted on the turbine shaft or in some form responsive to turbine speed, actuates the inlet steam valve....<<more>>

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NAVY FILING MANUAL (FOURTH EDITION) August 27, 1941. 1. The Secretary of the Navy, on July 5, 1923, directed that the Navy Filing Manual as compiled by the Board appointed for the purpose be adopted for use and placed in effect throughout the entire Naval Service with the exception of the United States Marine Corps....<<more>>

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Centrifugal Pumps: Work done and efficiency of centrifugal pumps, advantage over reciprocating pumps, types of centrifugal pumps, minimum starting speed, least diameter of impeller, limitation of suction lift, characteristics curves. Priming, troubles and remedies, specific speed and model testing. Pumps in series and in parallel, deep tube well, multistage pumps, turbine pump, selection of ...<<more>>

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Inside the unit there is a small pump, sensor controls and a double helix all-copper vented double-wall heat exchanger that transfers the heat from the refrigerant (compressor side) to the hot ...<<more>>

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This chapter discusses the different types of evaporation methods as applied to the food industry. It briefly describes some of the early methods of evaporation such as the solar pond, shijoka, the open kettle, vacuum cooking, the jacketed kettle, and the vacuum evaporator....<<more>>

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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences is an international premier peer reviewed open access engineering and technology journal promoting the discovery, innovation, advancement and dissemination of basic and transitional knowledge in engineering, technology and related disciplines....<<more>>

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Buy Cheap China feed pump of filter press Products, Find China Jual membrane filter press for sewage water treatment plant. MOQ: 1 Set Steam Boiler feeding water pump low pressure pump for fluid chemical cleaning pump for Medical....<<more>>

Goulds Water Technology — With origins dating back more than 150 years, Goulds Water Technology is a leading brand of centrifugal and turbine pumps, controllers, variable frequency drives and accessories for residential and commercial water supply and wastewater applications....<<more>>

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Should the centrifugal force increase, the body will either take up a larger path farther from the center or else tend to fly off in a straight line. Centrifugal Pump--A water-lifting device that utilizes the centrifugal force imparted to the water by a rapidly rotating impeller....<<more>>

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This is specifically true for centrifugal pumps. For centrifugal compressors, this is somewhat tricky, since you need to determine the design pressure based on surge limit curve on the overall compressor curve. For gas or two-phase fluid pipelines TRVs are not required. When the side stream filter is employed in the discharge of the ...<<more>>

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This dictionary provides definitions and background information on hundreds of abbreviations, acronyms, expressions, and terms used in the oil industry. Centrifugal pump . The other side of the membrane may be connected mechanically to the device to be moved or may have a fluid to be pumped. Diaphragm pump . A type of pump used for ...<<more>>

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Amortization: (1) Strictly speaking, this is defned as the depreciation of intangible assets. However, it is commonly used interchangeably with the Antiknock Fluid: Common parlance for the chemical mixture containing bottom-hole centrifugal pump may be termed artifcially lifting crude oil to...<<more>>


The present invention relates to a kneading and displacing method and mechanism for fluid machinery and the use. The invention is suitable for application in internal combustion engine, pump, compr so as to replace the low efficient centrifugal pump, It actualizes isothermal compression by spraying cool water at the inlet of ...<<more>>

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Operating costs may be divided into a number of categories, including carbon replacement, power, fuel, labor, backwash water, maintenanc...