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Spark plasma sintering (SPS),While the term "spark plasma sintering" is commonly used, the term is misleading since neither a spark nor a plasma is present in the process. It has been experimentally verified that densification is facilitated by the use of a current....<<more>>

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Spark Plasma Sintering Sintering is the process of making objects from powder, by heating the material in a furnace below its melting point so that bonding takes place by diffusion of atoms....<<more>>

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The Direct Current Sintering (DCS) furnace is Thermal Technology’s product offering for the process known as Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) or the Field Assisted Sintering Technique (FAST). The process uses high electrical current to rapidly heat a conductive tooling assembly under simultaneous uniaxial pressure....<<more>>

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Spark Plasma Sintering. Spark plasma sintering (SPS) is a pressure-assisted pulsed-current process in which the powder samples are loaded in an electrically conducting die and sintered under a uniaxial pressure [4–8]....<<more>>

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Spark Plasma Sintering Technology FAST/SPS is the state-of-the-art spark plasma sintering technology developed by FCT. It offers rapid consolidation of a wide range of powders from all fields of ceramic and metallic materials, enabling significantly improved or even completely novel materials....<<more>>

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Spark plasma sintering. In spark plasma sintering (SPS), external pressure and an electric field are applied simultaneously to enhance the densification of the metallic/ceramic powder compacts. However, after commercialization it was determined there is no plasma, so the proper name is spark sintering as coined by Lenel....