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Bashar al-Assad dismisses claims of chlorine gas, barrel bomb use as

As Syria's vicious civil war enters its fifth year, President Bashar al-Assad granted CBS News a rare one-on-one interview, a year-and-a-half...<<more>>

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Tags: 2sk Water Ring Vacuum Pump | 2sk Rotary Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump For Chlorine Compression | Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Phosphate Fertilizer Plant Pump . Export High Quality Linalool for Perfumes and Fragrances and Good for Resist Compression, Improve Sleep Quality ....<<more>>

Liquid ring vacuum pump for chlorine compression

2SK series water ring vacuum pump and 2sk-p1 series of water ring vacuum pump-air jet pump units are used to pump air and gas that is non-corrosive, insoluble in water and free of solid particles, to obtain a high vacuum pressure in the sealed container....<<more>>

Liquid ring vacuum pump application process introduction

2SK liquid ring vacuum pump. Liquid ring vacuum pump application process: Distillation: many chemical raw materials can be obtained by distillation. Vacuum distillation usually occurs in vacuum. According to the required pressure and gas volume, the liquid ring vacuum pump is used as a single machine or as a front stage pump....<<more>>

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Vacuum Pumps : This pump is the best solution for vacuum applications where wet, or extremely humid, and slightly contaminated gases are ingested...<<more>>

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The oil-free dry vacuum pump can better replace the rotary vane vacuum pump and slide valve type vacuum pump. ZJ/ZJP Roots Vacuum Pumps Roots pump is widely used in vacuum casting, vacuum melting, vacuum degassing, vacuum coating, vacuum distillation, vacuum drying and so on....