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Controlled Atmosphere Sintering - Washington

At Western Sintering we use controlled atmosphere sintering in our sintering furnaces. Our furnaces are electric heat with Hydrogen and Nitrogen used as a protective atmosphere in the sintering of our compacted powder metal parts. The Nitrogen acts as a cover gas and the Hydrogen acts as an oxide reducer for the parts being sintered....<<more>>

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Sintering Furnaces Our custom designed sintering furnaces provide efficient processing of materials in controlled atmospheres for ceramic and metal sintering, heat treatment and brazing. We have provided revolutionary designs in both metal and graphite hot zones....<<more>>

high temperature electri vacuum in uction sintering furnace

1200 high vacuum sintering furnace-Kejia Furnace. Vacuum Sintering furnace is used for heat treatment of metal materials in high vacuum,protective atmosphere,also used for heat treatment of special materials....<<more>>

RVB controlle atmosphere vacuum sintering furnace

Controlled atmosphere furnace is widely used in high temperature sintering atmosphere, atmosphere restoring and vacuum annealing.<> High temperature furnaces - VFE heat treatment industry Furnaces capable of reaching 3000oC Very high temperature furnaces suitable for a wide Hot press furnaces – vacuum and controlled atmosphere ...<<more>>

Sintering Furnaces for metallurgic powders, in controlled

A similar production regards other minutiae such as bushings, diamond pearls for cutting marble, granite, concrete, and so on…, made of powder with other metallic materials. Continuous sintering furnaces; The most used sintering furnaces are continuous type, with a controlled atmosphere....<<more>>

High Vacuum Sintering Furnace Stove

1200℃ high vacuum sintering furnace-Kejia Furnace. Features of high vacuum sintering furnace:. 1. Great temperature uniformity. 2. PID automatic control via SCR power control. 3.Over temperature protection and alarm allows for operation without attendant(s)....<<more>>

wood pellet thermal oil boilerhigh temperature sintering

Vacuum Sintering Furnace,High Temperature Sintering Furnace HIP. Next: sintering furnace for metalli pow e with controlle atmosphere; Random Solutions....<<more>>

rectangular vacuum drying machine oven furnace for transformer

exw price china supplier quality vacuum graphite tube furnace; sintering furnace for metalli pow e with controlle atmosphere; hot sale high quality programmable sintering vacuum furnace; resistance heating method vacuum annealing furnace; high temperature vacuum sintering furnace used for kiln furniture...<<more>>

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Heating system is composed of heating elements and heating power, heating power choose magnetic voltage regulator, using dc excitation power supply load of non-contact smooth stepless voltage regulation, the dc excitation power supply controlled by power governor, governor using temperature controller and power through the furnace temperature setting of the thermocouple is detected and the ...<<more>>



lab rburizing an nitri ing vacuum furnace for power

vacuum sintering furnace with electric systems. factory direct sale vacuum arc casting furnace lab rburizing an nitri ing vacuum furnace for power high temperature controlle atmosphere sintering furnace vacuum tube furnace for labratory heating treatment Back To Top … Get Quote...<<more>>

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Compaction presses ranging in size from 5 tons to 280 tons. 4 continuous belt sintering furnaces; 1 quench and temper heat-treat furnace; Our sintering furnaces run 24/7 with automated loading and unloading...<<more>>

Work smarter: Control carbon to raise the bar for sintering

One of the biggest struggles: controlling carbon in the sintering furnace atmosphere to ensure product quality and integrity. Failure to properly control the furnace atmosphere can lead to defects, increased costs of post processing or scrap material and, ultimately, the kind of customer dissatisfaction that reduces market share....<<more>>

Controlled Atmosphere Furnace,High - sagerfurnace

Description SG-QF series 200-1700°C controlled atmosphere furnace is designed for protective atmosphere sintering and atmosphere reduction. This high temperature atmosphere furnace is ideal for products of industries like metal, ceramics, chemicals, electronics, minerals, glass, machinery, special materials, etc....<<more>>

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Pilot Scale Microwave Sintering Furnace – Microheat. This is an advanced Microwave Sintering Furnace with State-of-the-Art Control system and high microwave power to sinter larger samples at a pilot scale....<<more>>

Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces | Hydrogen Furnaces | BTU

Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces Precision controlled belt furnaces for the most demanding applications. These controlled atmosphere belt furnaces are available with temperature ranges up to 1150°C and with various process atmospheres including hydrogen and nitrogen....