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Nichrome 60 (NiCr) Resistance Wire - Mor Electric Heating

Coiled Nichrome Wire (Open Coil Resistance Wire Elements - Infrared and Air Process/Duct Heaters) 5, 10 or 30 pound spools of Nichrome or Kanthal Nichrome wire is commonly used as a resistance heater for cutting foam (Styrofoam, polyurethane, etc.) fabrics, and a variety of other materials....<<more>>

Nichrome & Resistance Wires - Informational Charts

Heating Element Design Tips Current / Temperature Table – Ni Cr A (80) & Ni Cr C (60) Note: For *Coiled* elements see “Nichrome Wire Tech Tips” PDF file from above menu....<<more>>

Nichrome Resistance Wire

Clapton Wire - Heat Resistance Wire Spool - 26ga Nichrome, 38ga Nichrome - 9 ft. by Wick and Wire. $11.99 $ 11 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. 5 out of 5 ...<<more>>

Nichrome Resistance Wire | eBay

FogsLord Alien Wire Nichrome 80 Heat Resistance Wire Spool Braided Electronic 15. $17.99. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Click here to see description. See all results....<<more>>

Nichrome Wire - Resistance & Non-Resistance Wire - Wire

Nichrome 60. Nichrome 60 wire is generally used to manufacture electrical resistance for insulated and open appliances. It is widely used in the application of industrial furnaces and even provides the means to melt metals....<<more>>

Nichrome Heating Element - C&J Supplies Inc.

Nichrome Heating Elements function as heat Stocked Round Wire Nichrome Sizes. American Wire Gauge Temperature of Coefficient Resistance: 0.0009 Non-Magnetic....<<more>>

Nichrome wire

Nichrome is a non-magnetic alloy of nickel, chromium, and often iron, usually used as a resistance wire Ideally suited as a resistance wire heating alloy due to its high electrical resistivity, high melting point and resistance to high temperature oxidation (as a result of forming a protective layer of chromium oxide which makes it highly ...<<more>>

Heater Wire | Nichrome Wire | Thermocouples | Arklay S

The Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. offers two types of Nichrome Heater Wire. The Richards NWA or Type A Nichrome Heater Wire has a composition of 80% Nickel and 20% Chromium. In addition, the Type A wire has a lower temperature coefficient of resistance in comparison to the Type C Nichrome Wire....<<more>>

Nickel Chromium Resistance Wire, Nichrome 80, 20 AWG

Nickel Chromium Resistance Wire, Nichrome 80, 20 AWG, 7 Lengths Available. current and heat. The wire must be used under approximately 5 to 10 pounds of tension ...<<more>>

UD Youde Resistance Wire | Kanthal, Nichrome, SS316, Titanium

The UD Youde Resistance Wire is a high quality heating wire that give so out the great vapor production, providing heating materials such as Kanthal, Titanium, Ni80 Nichrome, SS316 Stainless Steel 316L in different gauges. Furthermore, some wires can be used for temperature control devices, such as Nickel and Titanium....<<more>>

Resistance Wire - Pelican Wire

Resistance wire is designed to resist the flow of electricity which turns electrical energy into heat. When beginning a project it can seem difficult to navigate the resistivity and resistances needed for best performance....<<more>>


Building Nichrome wire heaters involves calculating the desired resistance and then using parallel lengths of Nichrome wire to obtain that resistance. You can obtain Nichrome wire out of an old blow dryer, toaster, heating pad, etc. It can also be purchased from companies such as TEMCo or Jacobs....<<more>>

What Is Nichrome Wire Used for? | Sciencing

Nichrome wire has a wide variety of uses. Produced by mixing nickel, chromium and, occasionally, iron, the alloy's resistance to heat, corrosion and oxidation, and its high electric resistivity make it useful as a heating element, as ceramic scaffolding and in glassmaking....<<more>>

Nichrome Series 80 Resistance Wire (Even Gauges)

Lightning Vapes Nichrome 80 Resistance wire is perfect for rebuilding your atomizer, and especially good for sub ohm coil builds. It has a lower resistance per length compared to kanthal, which means that it will heat up noticeably faster and is a preferred alternative to kanthal for many cloud chasers for this reason....<<more>>

Open Coil Nicrome Wire Elements - Mor Electric Heating Assoc

Nichrome resistance wire open coil elements are used extensively in convection heating applications, R&D and as replacement coils in duct heaters, portable heaters and air process heaters, as well as in some infrared applications such as vacuum forming / thermoforming....<<more>>

Vape Wires: Kanthal, Nichrome, Stainless Steel and More

As the wire diameter increases, the wire resistance decreases. And generally, it’ll take longer for the wire to heat due to the larger mass. Thin gauge wires like 32 and 30 will be higher in resistance but will heat faster than 26 or 24 gauge. Take note that for every given wire, the more you use the higher the resistance will be....