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High Throughput Diffusion Pumps - Webshop

These diffusion pumps can be used on processes with high critical backing pressure and feature baffles to ensure backstreaming is minimized....<<more>>

Maintaining Oil Diffusion Pumps - Vacaero

Mar 10, 2015 ... The most frequently used diffusion pump fluid used in the heat treating industry for the last thirty or more years is silicone oil. It is available in......<<more>>

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Oil Diffusion Pumps - Agilent

Oil diffusion pumps are still a widely used type of high vacuum pump. This is ... oil diffusion pumps require careful maintenance in order to maintain a high....<<more>>

Apiezon | A look at diffusion pumps whish were invented around 1915

How mercury was replaced by low vapour pressure oils for diffusion pumps. ... vapour pressure oils he was working with could be used as a replacement for Mercury. ... of the diffusion pump, while the fluid is re-boiled to keep the pump running. ... Mr Versatility AP100 · - Lubricious AP101 · - The hot sticky one · - Vacuums......<<more>>

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Contents Leybold – Worldwide l d o b y e L Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps ..... 1 mbar The mbar is widely used in research, particularly in the vacuum technology. ..... trap FH/RF DN 16 to 40 KF Cold trap TK n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n ... n s LEYBONOL Oils LVO 100 LVO 210 LVO 240 LVO 300 LVO 310 LVO 400......<<more>>

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institutes. The most important advantages of the. TURBOVAC product line are: - Oil-free pumps for the generation of clean high and ultra-high vacuum conditions....<<more>>

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leybold. Leybold Full Line Catalog 2018 - Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps. 2 .... Cold Trap TK 4-8 . ..... 8. Oil for TRIVAC pumps for different fields of application. LVO 100. LVO 210. LVO 240. LVO 300. LVO 310. LVO 400. LVO 600 ...... grey cast iron, surface treated alu- minium, steel and stainless steel is used. - Double shaft seal....