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A turbomolecular pump is a type of vacuum pump,Most turbopumps have a Holweck pump (or molecular drag pump) as their last stage to increase the maximum backing pressureMuch of recent turbo pump development has been focused on improvement of the effectiveness of the drag stages....<<more>>

Turbomolecular pump operating principle - pfeiffer-vacuum Turbomolecular pump operating principle.molecular flow must prevail in the pump, i. e. the mean free path must be greater than the blade spacingThe points plotted in Figure 4.23 are determined by Pfeiffer Vacuum on the basis of the measured values of the indicated pumps. Points far above the plotted curve are physically not...<<more>>


Turbo Molecular Pump Vacuum and Industrial Machinery Boasting the highest level of exhaust capacity in the world, Shimadzu's product lineup is designed to meet the layer deposition and fabrication requirements of solar cell modules and silicon wafers, both of which are becoming increasingly large....<<more>>

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Turbo molecular pump structure . The structure and the principle of turbo molecular pump. The core components of the molecular pump are rotating blades and stationary blades (Figure 2). The rotating blades rotate at a speed of 1800 to 90,000 rpm, and the speed of the blade ends reaches several hundred m/s, which is close to the average velocity of the molecules, and the gas molecules are...<<more>>

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turbo molecular pump working principle . Molecular pumps use high-speed rotating impellers to transfer momentum to gas molecules, so that the gas produces directional flow and pumps the vacuum pump....<<more>>

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The YTP series are simple high-vacuum pump system that consist of an ULVAC turbo molecular pump (UTM series pump), rotary pump, forevalve, Pirani vacuum gauge and control system. A single unit can evacuate from atmospheric pressure down to high vacuums....