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Hallowell International is effectively committing air conditioner fraud. The Bangor, Maine-based company has figured out a way to get heat pumps--the basis for heating and cooling systems for much...<<more>>

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The heat pump is not a new idea, but it has gained popularity as heating and cooling technologies have improved. Many homeowners in the United States are turning to heat pumps as a way to replace both their furnace and air conditioner, especially since heat pumps cool homes in the summer and warm them in the winter ....<<more>>

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refrigerant in the heat pump and changes the heat pump from heating to cooling mode or vice versa. A coil is a loop, or loops, of tubing where heat transfer takes place. The tubing may have fins to increase the surface area available for heat exchange. The evaporator is a coil in which the refrigerant absorbs...<<more>>

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Shop our selection of Heat Pump, Air Conditioners in the Heating, Venting & Cooling Department at The Home Depot. Store FinderAmana Packaged Terminal Heating and Cooling units are Amana Packaged Terminal Heating and Cooling units are energy efficient with EER up to 11.7 which allows for lower utility costs. Redesigned construction with 2...<<more>>

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Heat Pump System cost can vary from $3900.00 installed upwards of $10,000.00 plus. On a scale from lowest price to the highest price are as follows Goodman, Rheem, Trane, Carrier heat pump system.When contractors price a heating and cooling system they do it by handing you one big number!For example think of gasoline prices, an item...<<more>>

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Heating, cooling and humidity control – a heat pump does it all. Except, perhaps, a name that does their versatility justice. Heat pumps look and function the same as air conditioners for cooling, but in cool months when heat is called for, they reverse operation to provide warmth for your home....