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Our nickel alloy brazing is performed in high-temperature furnaces using vacuum or atmospheric brazing techniques. As with other brazing services, nickel alloy brazing reduces the need for post-assembly finishing and can be used to join two similar or dissimilar metals....<<more>>

Issues in Vacuum Brazing - Heat treatment furnace, vacuum

Why Vacuum Furnace Brazing? Vacuum brazing is usually a high temperature (typically 1700 °F/927 °C - 2250 °F/1232 °C), fluxless process using nickel-base, pure copper and less frequently precious BFM. There are several advantages to brazing under vacuum conditions: ? The purity level of the atmosphere (vacuum) can be...<<more>>

Vacuum Brazing Furnace with Optimal Brazing Performance | Ipsen

Enhanced controls delivering high part-temperature uniformity; Rugged CFC-lined hot zone, resistant to braze material run-off; The TITAN can be used as a vacuum brazing furnace for many different processes including nickel joining, copper joining, ceramic to metal, radiators and oil coolers....<<more>>

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High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace In March 2015, Russian customers, looking for high temperature vacuum brazing furnaces for copper brazing, signed a contract in June. In February 2016, the customer factory was installed and commissioned....<<more>>

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An interesting comparison of the amount of moisture (and therefore oxygen) in a furnace atmosphere and in a vacuum furnace is shown in Fig. 3. Notice the vertical dewpoint scale on the left side of the chart, and the vacuum level shown on the right vertical axis of the chart. Fig. 3....<<more>>

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Controlled Atmosphere Brazing and Heat Treating Aerobraze Engineered Technologies’ high-temperature vacuum brazing furnaces (various atmospheres) are designed to produce high quality brazed joints for aerospace, oil & gas, transportation and energy industries....<<more>>

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in the early 1920’s, furnace brazing usually takes place in a controlled gaseous atmosphere, in an evacuated chamber (vacuum furnace), or in a specified low partial pressure atmosphere (partial vacuum). As with flame brazing, furnace-brazed parts are heated to a specific brazing temperature until the filler metal flows. The...<<more>>

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MIM Vac Vacuum/Controlled Atmosphere Debind and Sintering Furnace Metal injection molding, debinding, sintering 17-4 pH alloy, 316-L, tool steels, high speed steels, Ti, nickel, superalloys...<<more>>

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Active Metal Brazing of Ceramic to Metal High and Ultra High Vacuum Compatibility: Microwave and High Energy Components High Temperature Vacuum Furnace...<<more>>

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Rhode Island Heat Treating can provide atmosphere batch brazing in a low temperature application i.e. under 1250F. We also provide furnace brazing in atmosphere utilizing a belt type furnace. The centerpiece of our atmosphere department is a high production brazing work cell....<<more>>

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Furnace brazing is a semi-automated process used to join metal components with a dissimilar, lower melting filler metal. It allows designs of one or multi-joint assemblies to be joined by a reproducible metallurgical bond. One of the most common forms of furnace brazing is accomplished in a vacuum furnace....<<more>>

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to niobium with titanium in a vacuum furnace, where the end product is intended to be used as a component in an inter-planetary vehicle. Thus, furnace brazing can reasonably be described as the most versatile of all the brazing processes in common use, encompassing as it does brazing applications from the mundane to the highly esoteric. While ...<<more>>

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Vacuum furnaces with temperatures higher than 1200 degrees C are mainly used in industrial fields. The treatment of high-temperature metals or non-metals in vacuum environment allows controlled annealing, brazing, purification, sintering and other processes, such as electronics, medicine, crystal growth, energy and artificial gemstones....<<more>>

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A brazing furnace is a type of vacuum oven ideal for brazing, the process where two or more metal materials are joined by using a dissimilar metal filler, because of its controlled gaseous environment inside an evacuated chamber....<<more>>

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The Centorr Vacuum Industries’ Series 16 High Temperature High Vacuum or Controlled Atmosphere, Top Loading, Cold Wall, Refractory Metal Heat Zone Furnaces are simple and easy to operate....<<more>>

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The materials selected, atmosphere, rate of heating, peak brazing temperature, and process time are interrelated; and each of the process conditions must be precisely controlled to ensure a reliable joint. To minimize the oxidation of metal it is important to have inert process atmosphere....