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Are there any available small lab furnaces for alloy preparation?

(5) In induction melting, the typical quantities are relatively large for lab scale (> 1kg), PB-CHMs are ...<<more>>

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High Temperature Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Lab Furnaces for ... Homogenization, Melting, Sintering, Wetting Studies, Up to 2750°C (4982°F)....<<more>>

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normal capacity, the series 3450 Model 121224-1315-TQ-II vacuum furnace meets ... Two cubic feet of usable work space; Induction melting furnace chamber......<<more>>

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Carbolite Gero Furnaces and Ovens up to 3000 °C. Ovens. Max. temp. up to 700°C; Laboratory ... Vacuum Furnaces. Max. temp. up to 3000°C inert and reactive......<<more>>

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The laboratory vacuum furnace range is available with different heating chamber materials for a range of applications. Contact us for a consultation!...